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SEED Schools focuses on developing students who are ready to face the world, starting with the basics and building up to physical, emotional and social health of each child.

Our approach seeks to enhance every student’s learning experience while providing them with the skills needed for today’s workplace.

English language and comprehension skills

Confidence with language comes from exposure and practice. SEED Schools are run by professionals who speak and work in English, and children develop English-speaking and comprehension skills through scheduled reading time in our fully stocked libraries and Karadi Path classes.

Technology literacy

Comfort with technology is a requirement in the 21st century workplace. SEED Schools house fully-functioning computer labs where every student has dedicated computer time weekly, and uses programs such as Khan Academy to not only enhance the learning experience but also familiarize students with a variety of digital platforms and experiences.

Students are also exposed to digital classes through the SEEDDLE program, a digital teaching tool developed by a team of IITians. SEEDDLE ensures each student is delivered a quality education while engaging them in new ways of learning.

Activity based learning

Activity based learning allows students to interact with their environments and the stimuli within it. Those interactions create room for curiosity and exploration as students engage with information rather than just acquire it.

Extracurricular activities

Activities outside the classroom develop confidence, awareness and a sense of teamwork. 

Students get one hour of activity daily that, along with a variety of other programs, build leadership, citizenship and interpersonal skills.

All in a positive learning environment

Our endeavor to provide a high quality education can only be successful when academics go hand in hand with healthy infrastructure, transparent grading, partnerships with parents and strong leadership.

  • Healthy infrastructure: SEED invests in clean, safe washrooms, drinking water, classrooms and playgrounds
  • Transparent grading: Readiness for the 21st century means having real skills and knowledge. SEED’s testing and grading methods maintain integrity and honesty for the sake of accurately assessing each student’s progress.
  • Parents as partners: Regular communication with parents through student diaries, SMS updates, parent teacher meetings and principals who are always ready to meet with parents ensures students’ learning doesn’t stop when they leave school grounds. SEED sees parents as partners on the path to developing students ready for tomorrow.
  • Strong leadership: Regular teacher and staff training ensures the school-level leaders are always empowered to deliver their best in class. Training is focused on teaching methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning and more.
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