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6th April  2017 

Civil Society features SEED Schools and gets in conversation to understand their role in upgrading low-income private schools. Read full article here

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June 5th

Khabar magazine put a spotlight on Harish Mamtani’s inspiring journey into education and his vision behind starting SEED Schools. 

Read the full article here

Mamtani’s goal is to scale up from the two schools they currently run to five more next year and then to 15. He has no intentions of taking on too many schools just for the sake of growth. He says, “As a startup company you do want to do things fast, but we can’t have any missteps here. This involves the lives of children.”

May 5th

Following Acumen’s investment in SEED, director Manish Kumar was interviewed by the Deccan Chronical.

“Working with ISFC gave me insight into the loopholes in the education system, but it didn’t provide me much scope to implement policies or have more direct impact on schools. And that’s why I started SEED.”

Read the full article here

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May 1st

Venture capital firm Acumen invests $650K in SEED.

“Supporting innovative solutions that improve the quality of education for children in affordable private schools is a priority for Acumen,“ said Siddharth Tata, Associate Director at Acumen. “Parents are increasingly demanding better education for their children and are anxious to see tangible improvements in learning outcomes. Both Ignis and SEED bring a unique combination of high-quality content, trained educators, and management experience to bring about improvements in their schools and throughout India”

Read the full article here.

Read the coverage in Mint.

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April 19th

Students of SEED Schools recently performed a street play on Swaccha Bharat. They went into communities near the school and spoke about the importance of proper waste disposal and segragation of garbage.  The event was covered in Sakshi newspaper.